Are You Worried About the Costs of Long Term Care?  You are Not Alone!  You Don't Have to go Broke in the Nursing Home! Learn How to Get Medicaid to Pay for Your Care and Preserve Your Assets for Your Family Even if You are Already in the Nursing Home!

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In This Guide, You Will Learn:

  • The Biggest Mistake People Make When it Comes to Applying for Medicaid
  • Why the 60 month look back period has nothing to do with how long it takes to Qualify
  • When and if medicaid will take your house if you apply for medicaid to pay for care
  • How much money the other spouse can keep if medicaid is paying for your care
  • What assets are exempt from consideration and will not count against you if you apply for medicaid
  • Spend down strategies to allow you to buy certain assets that will not count against you
  • Why Giving Your Assets Away Will Not Help but Hurt Your Ability to Qualify